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Affiliation: Sinop Üniversitesi

Position, academic degree, rank: Head of Department of Hydrobiology, D. Sc., Prof.

Address: Akliman Mevkii Abalı Köyü, Sinop, 57000, Turkey



Research area:

heavy metals in marine fauna, flora, and sediment;

aquatic toxicology and marine pollution;

Black Sea phyto-, zoo-, ichthyo-, and macroplankton, as well as jellyfish.



pollution, toxicology, marine biology, and heavy metals.


Membership in international and Russian publishing associations, scientific communities, and other organizations:

Section Editor – scientific journal "Turkish Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences" (Central Fisheries Research Institute);

Member of Editorial Board – scientific journal "Journal of Shipping and Ocean Engineering" (since 2011);

Member of Editorial Board – scientific journal "Aquatic Science and Technology" (Macrothink Institute) (since 2012);

Member of Editorial Board – scientific journal "Turkish Journal of Maritime and Marine Sciences" (Ordu University) (since 2015);

Member of Editorial Board – scientific journal "Modern Environmental Science and Engineering" (since 2015);

Member of Editorial Board – scientific journal "Oceanography & Fisheries Open Access Journal" (since 2016);

Member of Scientific Committee – scientific journal "International Journal of Environment and Geoinformatics" (since 2016);

Member of Editorial Board – scientific journal "Madridge Journal of Aquaculture Research & Development" (since 2017).



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