Excerpts or statements adopted by the Author must be accompanied with indication of their authors and the source. Plagiarism in any form, including unmarked quotations, paraphrasing or misappropriation of other workers’ research results is unacceptable. Forged increase of the citation indices, excessive self-citation and friendly citation, irrelevant references mislead the readers and are treated by the Editorial Board of MBJ as unacceptable.

After receiving the manuscript of an article, the Editorial Board (Editors) of MBJ check the material for plagiarism using the Antiplagiat. In case of detection of numerous incorrect adoptions, the Editorial Board (Editors) will act in accordance with COPE rules. The Editorial Board (Editors) has the right to reject the manuscript if during its consideration they discover falsification, plagiarism, submission of works of the same content by the author to more than one journal, multiple copying of similar information in different articles, and false and misrepresented authorship of the scientific research.