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Affiliation: A. O. Kovalevsky Institute of Biology of the Southern Seas of RAS

Position, academic degree, rank: chief researcher, D. Sc., Prof.

Address: 2 Nakhimov ave., Sevastopol, 299011, Russian Federation



Research area:

fauna, ecology, systematics, evolution, and phylogeny of sessile protists;

investigation of Suctorea, Chonotrichia, and Apostomatia (Ciliophora);

development of the concept of a hydrodynamic boundary layer of a liquid as an adaptive zone for sessile protists;

questions of evolution of protists ontogenesis (ciliates especially) in connection with transition of the latter ones to the sedentary lifestyle;

issues of ontogeny evolution and Metazoa origin.


Membership in editorial boards, scientific communities, and other organizations:

deputy editor-in-chief – scientific journal Biodiversity and Sustainable Development;

member of the editorial board – scientific journal Ecologica Montenegrina;

member of the editorial board – scientific journal Ekosistemy;

member of the editorial board – scientific journal Protistology;

member – International Society of Protistologists;

member – Russian Hydrobiological Society.



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