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Affiliation: Papanin Institute for Biology of Inland Waters, RAS

Position, academic degree, rank: chief researcher, D. Sc., Prof.

Address: Borok, Nekouz district, Yaroslavl region, 152742, Russian Federation



Research area:

morphology, taxonomy, ecology, and biodiversity of diatoms.


Membership in editorial boards, scientific communities, and other organizations:

assistant editor – scientific journal Biologiya vnutrennikh vod.


Major papers over the past five years:

Kulikovskiy M. S., Glushchenko A. M., Genkal S. I., Kuznetsova I. V., Maltsev Ye. I., Kociolek J. P. Is Sellaphora the new Navicula? Cymbosellaphora (Cymbellales), a new genus based on taxa previously assigned to Sellaphora. Plants, 2023, vol. 12, iss. 22, art. no. 3890 (18 p.).


Barinova S., Gabyshev V., Genkal S., Gabysheva O. Diatoms of small water bodies as bioindicators in the assessment of climatic and anthropogenic impacts on the coast of Tiksi Bay, Russian Arctic. Water, 2023, vol. 15, iss. 8, art. no. 1533 (44 p.).


Genkal S. I. New representative of the genus Aulacoseira (Bacillariophyta) from Chukotka (Russia). Inland Water Biology, 2023, vol. 16, iss. 1, pp. 136–138.


Genkal S. I., Mitrofanova E. Yu. Stephanocostis chantaicus (Bacillariophyta), a rare species for Russia (morphology, ecology, distribution). International Journal on Algae, 2023, vol. 25, iss. 1, pp. 35–42.


Genkal S. I., Okhapkin A. G., Vodeneeva E. L. Planktonic centric diatoms (Bacillariophyta, Coscinodiscaceae) of the Cheboksary Reservoir, Russia. Inland Water Biology, 2022, vol. 15, iss. 6, pp. 750–759.


Kulikovskiy M. S., Glushchenko A. M., Genkal S. I., Kuznetsova I. V., Kociolek J. P. Revision of monoraphid diatom genus Platessa with description of Platesiberia gen. nov. from ancient Lake Baikal. Water, 2022, vol. 14, iss. 19, art. no. 2957 (14 p.).


Kezlya E., Maltsev Ye., Genkal S., Krivova Z., Kulikovskiy M. Phylogeny and fatty acid profiles of new Pinnularia (Bacillariophyta) species from soils of Vietnam. Cells, 2022, vol. 11, iss. 15, art. no. 2446 (31 p.).


Glushchenko A., Kezlya E., Maltsev Ye., Genkal S., Kociolek J. P., Kulikovskiy M. Description of the soil diatom Sellaphora terrestris sp. nov. (Bacillariophyceae, Sellaphoraceae) from Vietnam, with remarks on the phylogeny and taxonomy of Sellaphora and systematic position of microcostatus. Plants, 2022, vol. 11, iss. 16, art. no. 2148 (22 p.).


Kezlya E., Glushchenko A., Maltsev Ye., Gusev E., Genkal S., Kociolek J. P., Kulikovskiy M. Three new species of Placoneis Mereschkowsky (Bacillariophyceae: Cymbellales) with comments on cryptic diversity in the P. elginensis—group. Water, 2021, vol. 13, iss. 22, art. no. 3276 (21 p.).


Genkal S. I., Gabyshev V. A. Broadening the taxonomic composition of diatoms (Bacillariophyta) in the flora of the Lena River (streams of the western slope of the Kharaulakh Range, Yakutia). Inland Water Biology, 2021, vol. 14, iss. 4, pp. 349–356.


Kulikovskiy M., Glushchenko A. M., Genkal S., Kuznetsova I., Kociolek J. P. Platebaikalia – a new monoraphid diatom genus from ancient Lake Baikal with comments on the genus Platessa. Fottea, 2020, vol. 20, iss. 1, pp. 58–67.


Genkal S. I., Komulaynen S. F. Diatoms of ice and winter phytoplankton in some lakes of Karelia. Botanicheskii zhurnal, 2020, vol. 105, no. 2, pp. 159–168.