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Affiliation: University of Montenegro

Position, academic degree, rank: D. Sc., Prof.

Address: Džordža Vašingtona bb, Podgorica, 81000, Montenegro



Research area:

marine mites, ecology of macroinvertebrates, biodiversity, and its conservation. V. Pešić has described about 300 new species from all parts of the world and is the author of more than 260 scientific papers and 2 monographs.


Membership in editorial boards, scientific communities, and other organizations:

member of the international editorial board – scientific journal Acarologia;

member of the editorial board – scientific journal Biodiversity and Sustainable Development;

member of the editorial board – scientific journal Biologia Nyssana;

editor-in-chief – scientific journal Ecologica Montenegrina;

member of the advisory board – scientific journal Ecologia Balkanica;

member of the editorial board – scientific journal European Journal of Environmental Sciences;

member of the international editorial board – scientific journal International Journal of Ecosystems and Ecology Science;

member of the editorial board – scientific journal Natura Montenegrina;

member of the editorial board – scientific journal Persian Journal of Acarology;

member of the editorial board – scientific journal Vestnik zoologii;

subject editor – scientific journal ZooKeys;

member of the advisory board – scientific journal Zoology in the Middle East.



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