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Photosynthetically active radiation plays an important role in regulating the vital activity of marine macrophytes; therefore, the problem of determining the dependence of fucoxanthin concentration (FC) in brown algae of genus Cystoseira on the energy of the light flux seems to be relevant. C. barbata and C. crinitа samples were taken from depth of 0.5 to 1.0 m in the conventionally clean region of the Southern Coast of Crimea (Foros settlement) and in the water area with moderate anthropogenic load (Sevastopol, Karantinnaya Bay). The annual dynamics of the FC content in macrophytes has well-defined periods of maximum and minimum. Peak concentrations of FC are in the autumn-winter period. The minimum values of the pigment in the spring-summer period are marked at maximum illumination. The modeling of the dependence of the fucoxanthin content in brown algae of the genus Cystoseira on the intensity of the total light flow using polynomial approximation made it possible to establish that this process is well described by a biquadrate equation with a high determination coefficient.


V. I. Ryabushko



E. V. Gureeva
M. A. Gureev



M. V. Nekhoroshev




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