Relevant data on marine mammals dwelling in the Kola Bay is scarce despite the fact that publications of the Barents Sea are quite common. The latest work detailing this aspect dates back to 1997. At the same time, species of marine mammals including protected species enter the waters of the bay, and some found here year-round. The anthropogenic load on the water area of the Kola Bay may increase multifold considering that as the project “Integrated Development of the Murmansk Transport Hub” is being implemented, research on marine mammals found in its waters is becoming more relevant. In this paper, we present first actualised list of the protected species of marine mammals found in the Kola Bay, compiled on the basis of published data and observations of the authors.


A. A. Zaytsev
A. R. Troshichev
M.V. Pakhomov
A. P. Yakovlev



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