Gavrilova N. A. About first records of tintinnid Tintinnopsis mortensenii Schmidt, 1902 (Spirotrichea, Choreotrichia, Tintinnida, Codonellidae) in the Sevastopol Bay plankton (Black Sea). Marine Biological Journal, 2017, vol. 2, no. 1, pp. 86-87. https://doi.org/10.21072/mbj.2017.02.1.09



The tintinnid ciliate Tintinnopsis mortensenii Schmidt, 1902 was detected in estuary of the Chernaya River in 2009 for the first time. Next time it was recorded in August 2016 at the mouth of Sevastopol Bay. This neritic species is rare and demonstrate tropical occurrence. Morphological differences from the close Black Sea species T. campanula are shown.


N. A. Gavrilova




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This work was carried out within the framework of IMBR state research assignment No. 0828-2014-0014.



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