Vol. 6 No. 1 (2021)

Published online: 2021-03-23

Peculiarities of temporal variability of dissolved oxygen content in eelgrass Zostera marina Linnaeus, 1753 meadows in the Voevoda Bay (the Amur Bay, the Sea of Japan)

Yu. A. Barabanshchikov, P. Ya. Tishchenko, P. Yu. Semkin, V. I. Zvalinsky, T. A. Mikhailik, P. P. Tishchenko

Pages: 3–16

Study of fouling communities succession under conditions of the device of controlled water flow

A. Yu. Zvyagintsev, S. I. Maslennikov, A. K. Tsvetnikov, A. A. Begun, N. I. Grigoryeva

Pages: 17–33

Assessment of radiation state of marine environment in the Leningrad NPP area according to long-term monitoring data (1973–2019)

I. I. Kryshev, T. G. Sazykina, N. N. Pavlova, I. V. Kosykh, A. A. Buryakova, A. I. Kryshev

Pages: 41–57

Marine and freshwater microalgae as a sustainable source of cosmeceuticals

T. V. Puchkova, S. A. Khapchaeva, V. S. Zotov, A. A. Lukyanov, A. E. Solovchenko

Pages: 67–81

Development of phytoplankton in the winter-spring period in the coastal waters of Crimea

Z. Z. Finenko, I. M. Mansurova, I. V. Kovalyova, E. Yu. Georgieva

Pages: 102–114