Dmitrieva Ye. V. To the anniversary of Albina Gaevskaya. Marine Biological Journal, 2017, vol. 2, no. 4, pp. 89-91. URL: https://marine-biology.ru/mbj/article/view/102



This year the world-famous marine parasitologist Albina Vitoldovna Gaevskaya has celebrated the anniversary. She described more than 100 species, 14 genera and a subfamily of marine parasites. Her contribution to the development of marine parasitology is recognized all over the world, and 15 species and 1 genus are named in her honor by scientists from India, United Kingdom, Russian Federation and Ukraine. Albina Vitoldovna is the author of more than 380 scientific works. Thirteen PhD theses were defended under the guidance of Professor A. V. Gaevskaya.


Ye. V. Dmitrieva





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