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The rate of linear and weight growth of triploid spat of oyster Crassostrea gigas in Donuzlav Liman (Black Sea, Crimea) was investigated. A quantitative relationship between the mass (W, g) of the whole oyster and the height of the shell (H, mm) is given (it is described by the equation W = 7 · 10-5 · Н3.1, = 0.78), as well as a quantitative relationship between the mass (W, g) of the whole oyster and the length of the shell (L, mm) (W = 3 · 10-4 · L3.12, = 0.65). The maximum rates of linear growth of triploid oysters T20 were registered in April (1.15 mm per day), of weight growth – in June (0.50 g per day) and August (0.61 g per day). It was shown that 27 % of triploid oysters T20 can reach commercial size after 6 months. It is recommended to use Pacific oysters of T20 size as a planting material on the shellfish farms in the Black Sea region.


O. Yu. Vyalova




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This work was carried out within the framework of IMBR state research assignment No. АААА-А18-118021490093-4.



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