Gubanova A. D. To the anniversary of the world-famous zooplanktonologist Alexandra Alexandrovna Shmeleva. Marine Biological Journal, 2016, vol. 1, no. 2, pp. 73-74. URL: https://marine-biology.ru/mbj/article/view/21



This year the world-famous taxonomist-zooplanktonologist A. A. Shmeleva has celebrated the 90ᵗʰ anniversary. A significant contribution in the study of the Mediterranean and the World ocean zooplankton was made by A. A. Shmeleva. She has registered about 100 species of copepods not mentioned in Mediterranean before; she has found and described more then 40 species of copepods that are new for science. These discoveries as well as taxonomic description of two genus of copepods have made her one of the most famous experts on the taxonomy of copepods in the world. The scientific works by A. A. Shmeleva have become classics, and they don’t lose their actuality in process of time.


A. D. Gubanova





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