Boltachova N. A., Revkov N. K., Nadolny A. A., Anninskaya I. N. Benthic fauna of the southwestern Sea of Azov. Macrozoobenthos taxonomic composition and its biocoenotic structure in 2016–2017. Marine Biological Journal, 2022, vol. 7, no. 2, pp. 3-22. https://doi.org/10.21072/mbj.2022.07.2.01



The Sea of Azov is a semi-enclosed and relatively shallow water basin, with lower salinity than in the Black Sea. Salinity values vary within 9–14 ‰ and depend mainly on the volume of river flow. Increasing salinity is a favorable factor for penetration and development in the Sea of Azov of some Black Sea species; this was noted in the 1970s, with a mean rise in salinity up to 13–14 ‰. After a period of decline down to 9–10 ‰, a steady salinization of the water basin is recorded since 2007; salinity averaged 13.37 ‰ in 2015. The aim of the work was to assess taxonomic composition and biocoenotic organization of the bottom macrofauna in the southwestern Sea of Azov based on the results of benthic surveys carried out in 2016–2017 in 84th, 86th, 90th, 96th, and 100th cruises of the RV “Professor Vodyanitsky”. Sediments were sampled with an “Ocean-50” bottom grab with a capture area of 0.25 m². Bottom sediments were washed through sieves with the minimum diameter of 1 mm. In total, 46 macrozoobenthos species were recorded; out of them, 15 Polychaeta species, 12 Mollusca, and 13 Crustacea. Four species well known for the Black Sea were found in the Sea of Azov for the first time – Molgula euprocta, Phoronis psammophila, Gouldia minima, and Iphinoe elisae. Out of species recorded, 14 % were alien to the Sea of Azov–Black Sea basin. These were bivalves Anadara kagoshimensis and Mya arenaria and polychaetes Polydora cornuta, Streblospio gynobranchiata, and Marenzelleria neglecta. In the area studied, A. kagoshimensis biocoenotic complex was registered in all the seasons, with mean abundance and biomass values (4,818 ± 1,019) ind.·m−2 and (878.4 ± 129.5) g·m−2, respectively. Three biocoenotic complexes were identified which could be the variants in the manifestation of the dynamic state of Anadara community. Seasonal dynamics in macrozoobenthos biomass mainly depended on fluctuations of its dominant species – A. kagoshimensis and Cerastoderma glaucum – and was determined by their different physiological and biochemical adaptations to hypoxia which is frequent for the Sea of Azov in summer. Maximum macrozoobenthos abundance was recorded in October 2016 (  6,600 ind.·m−2) and was associated with reproduction of several species (including alien ones) in summer and autumn and enrichment of the benthic complex by their juveniles. In this period, at individual stations, abundance of A. kagoshimensis reached   14,000 ind.·m−2, and abundance of an alien polychaete S. gynobranchiata reached 2,300 ind.·m−2. A. kagoshimensis juveniles were recorded in the Sea of Azov June to October, peaking in October. The maximum length of A. kagoshimensis registered was 52.7 mm. The ratio of mature molluscs (shell size > 10 mm) in the studied A. kagoshimensis population varied from 6 % (October 2016, the period of mass replenishment with juveniles) to 85 % (December 2017). Well-developed C. glaucum settlements were registered at the inshore stations, peaking in July. The ratio of mature molluscs (shell size > 6 mm) in the studied C. glaucum population varied from 7 % (July 2017, the period of mass replenishment with juveniles) to 100 % (December 2017). Under lack of solid substrate, A. kagoshimensis – an alien species for the Sea of Azov – formed a new consort community of biofiltrators which supplemented a benthic biofilter zone in the Sea of Azov previously based on bivalve C. glaucum.


N. A. Boltachova
senior researcher, PhD



N. K. Revkov
leading researcher, PhD



A. A. Nadolny
researcher, PhD



I. N. Anninskaya
leading engineer




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This work was carried out within the framework of IBSS state research assignment “Regularities of formation and anthropogenic transformation of biodiversity and biological resources of the Sea of Azov–Black Sea basin and other areas of the World Ocean” (No. 121030100028-0).



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