Species composition and biogeographic structure of the polychaete fauna of the Pechora Sea during warming in the Arctic

S. Yu. Gagaev, S. G. Denisenko, N. A. Strelkova, E. A. Frolova, A. V. Sikorski

Pages: 23–31

Halotolerance limits of the Black Sea representative of the genus Entomoneis Ehrenberg, 1845 (Bacillariophyta)

O. I. Davidovich, N. A. Davidovich, Yu. A. Podunay, C. N. Solak

Pages: 32–40

Revision of macrophytobenthos of the protected territorial-aquatic complex of the Bakalskaya Spit (the Black Sea)

S. Ye. Sadogurskiy, I. K. Evstigneeva, T. V. Belich, I. N. Tankovskaya, S. A. Sadogurskaya

Pages: 72–87