Information is given about the discovery of the golden goby Gobius xanthocephalus Heymer& Zander, 1992 (Gobiidae, Perciformes) in the area of the South-Eastern coast of the Crimea (Black Sea), where this species was not previously recorded. An individual of this species was discovered during underwater ichthyological studies in the waters of the Dvuyakornaya Bay, near the north-eastern tip of the Kiik-Atlam Peninsula (44º57´N 35º23´ E ). The goby was recorded at a depth of 8.5 m at the foot of the underwater part of the rocky slope, in a shaded niche among a cluster of boulders. The discovery of the golden goby in the area of the South-Eastern Crimea indicates the expansion of its range in the polygaline waters of the northern part of the Black Sea.


V. V. Shaganov
P. I. Donchik



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