A study of the features of the formation of a stress reaction in the cells of the green alga Acrosiphonia arcta to the effect of diesel fuel emulsion was carried out. Changes in indicators of oxidative stress (concentration of hydrogen peroxide and accumulation of lipid peroxidation products (POL)), activity of enzymes of the antioxidant system, photosynthesis intensity, and cell condition were analyzed. It is shown that during the first day of exposure to the toxicant, plasmolysis and disruption of the structure of chloroplasts occur in cells. The formation of a stress reaction occurs in stages: at the first stage, the amount of hydrogen peroxide increases, the concentration of POL products changes and the activity of superoxide dismutase (SOD) increases, at the second stage, catalase (CAT) activates, by the end of the first day of exposure, against the background of a decrease in CAT activity, peroxidase activity increases (the third stage). The intensity of photosynthesis decreases by the end of the experiment. It is suggested that under the influence of diesel fuel emulsion, a violation of the daily dynamics of biological cycles of a number of enzymes may occur.


I. V. Ryzhik
D. O. Salakhov
M. V. Makarov
M. Yu. Menshakova



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