Vol. 9 No. 1 (2024)

Published online: 2024-03-22

Impact of the red king crab and the snow crab on the Barents Sea megabenthic communities

D. Zakharov, I. Manushin, L. Jørgensen, N. Strelkova

Pages: 32–50

Localization of phytoplankton early spring bloom spots in the pelagic zone of the Barents Sea

P. Makarevich, V. Vodopyanova, A. Bulavina, P. Vashchenko, A. Namyatov, I. Pastukhov

Pages: 51–69

Marine algal flora of the southern islands of Japan

E. Titlyanov, T. Titlyanova, O. Belous, M. Tokeshi

Pages: 108–117