The results of an experiment on the use of a Labforce 5 Lux – LED flat panel bioreactor (Infors HT, Switzerland) for the cultivation of Tisochrysis lutea (Haptophyta) are presented. During the three-week experiment, the number of cells, their size, the content of chlorophyll a and carotenoids, neutral lipids were evaluated. It was shown that the maximum number of cells was fixed by the end of the experiment – at 21 days. An increase in the proportion of cells with a size of 4-6 μm was recorded on the 11th day of the experiment. The greatest accumulation of carotenoids occurs on day 18, and neutral lipids on 14th–21st of the experiment.


Zh. V. Markina
A. A. Zinov
T. Yu. Orlova



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